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Denise Jadd is an accomplished Interior Visual Artist and Property Stylist who reimagines and curates a space, and offers a full range of residential interior services in Delray Beach, Florida.

About Denise Jadd

Denise Jadd is an accomplished Interior Visual Artist and Property Stylist who reimagines and curates a space, and offers a full range of residential interior services. Denise is the only Luxury Interior specialist in the area who has worked in residential and commercial design, construction and in real estate. Her commercial experience encompasses planning with real estate developers for construction including new office towers, developing a residential community, and business development for building mall retail interiors. Residential experience includes historic preservation, and management at the wholesale trade level, plus she has extensive contemporary fine art background. She offers Luxe Interiors, Styling and Luxury Real Estate Home Staging. She brings to her clients over 30 years superb experience and a wealth of knowledge from her extraordinary career in the creative art and design field.

Her clients include entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 clientele, as well as homeowners she has served, a little at a time for over a decade, and on different homes. Denise's team includes top notch, talented professionals she can count on, like her general contractor and painter who have been with her in the field for over ten years. She knows they will bend over backwards to make the job as awesome as possible, and provide outstanding customer service. She is known for her attention to detail, impeccable taste, extremely well planned project management, running jobs smoothly, and a visceral understanding of her client's personal needs, in perfecting every job whether large or small. She takes the time to get to know her clients, and is known for her congenial and warm ways. She assures that her clients achieve their goals. She talks the same language with investors as well as realtors, and comprehends the comparative analysis and demographics. She truly understands budgets and timelines. Much of her work comes from referrals because of her can do attitude, premier service of a job well done, on time and on budget.

In addition, Denise helps clients love their homes more by transforming them into modern yet timeless sanctuaries. She believes in living intentionally. She helps her clients by artfully guiding and navigating them through numerous choices and costly decisions while saving them time and money. She offers clients the opportunity to personally collaborate with her team on every step of the design process creating a look of their ultimate style choice and providing meticulous craftsmanship of all necessary elements that meets their needs including furniture, decor, fixtures, textiles, fine art and accessories. She makes it look easy and with cost savings, too, even on highly customized solutions. Denise helps homeowners sell their home quickly and for more money. She helps investors and realtors integrate staging into their business model, and to make their clients more money.

Denise has impressive credentials, proving her acumen and excellence in her field. She is certified as an Advanced Home Staging Designer and Luxury Staging Design Professional, and trained in New York City under the area's premier Luxury Stager. She is an alumna of Harvard Graduate School of Design and has lectured on design history and how period style relates to our lives. She appreciates how the different eras of history enrich our existence with the story of the layers that unfold. She also studied Museology at Harvard and has consulted to and served on many non-profit boards, including several art museums. She is a University of Miami Business School graduate. She also lived abroad, studied art and architecture in Paris, and has curated art exhibitions.

Denise grew up in and around her family design and Dad's real estate and entrepreneurial businesses. She was exposed to great art, architecture and design around the world through travel, so you could say she has been immersed in and lived this mantra forever. She utilizes her contemporary art and design expertise, visual marketing and unique creativity on every job and is always updating, enhancing and perfecting these skills by participating in many industry events, and staying focused on what's on trend. She strives to elevate form and function. She makes homes beautiful, one at a time.


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