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Our Manifesto

We recognize real estate and home staging trends before they are trending through our end, through our eyes, research, and need for knowledge. 

Our Manifesto

We love Ikea as much as Knoll. We know the difference in quality, but we mastered the mix of high and low. It's not what you spend on an item, it is how you utilize it. We know good worksmanship and appreciate something that is made to last forever. We also recognize trends before they are trending through our end, through our eyes, research, and need for knowledge.  

Maxim & Manifesto Top 25

1.      Quality over quantity. It's all about workmanship! We like to provide the best that budget allows. If it means fewer things to mix in, so be it. Excellent, classic quality will outlast the trends and hopefully, provide pleasure for a very long time.

2.      Function over form. Not comfortable? Get rid of it. Life is for livability. 

3.      Mod mix. Modern art definitely mixes well with antique furniture. It's the presentation that counts. Think gallery space.

4.      Mix the metal. Yes, polished nickel can go with bright brass or black bronze.

5.      Mix high and low. No one will know.

6.      Let there be light. Light sources should be plentiful in a space. It's not enough to have large windows and only one lamp. Lighting affects the overallmood and is like jewelry to the home: it's essential, striking, and sometimes the most challenging aspect to get right. 

7.      Edit. Just like overdressing, if an item seems out of place, or not quite perfect, remove it. Better to go without.

8.      Curate. Gather items to adore, especially art, little by little. There is no reason to rush. Hone your eye through exposure. Buy with your gut as long as it is something you can stare at for hours on end.

9.      Clutter be gone. Clean and clutter free makes any space seem larger.

10.  Clean. And clean again.

11.  No skimpy rugs! Size matters. Nothing defines a space as well as a rug. Proportion and scale must be accurate.

12.  Trend lightly. Test trends in small doses. If you tire of it, you can quickly rid of it.

13.  Color theory matters. Color selection is one of the hardest tasks to master. If you can't master easily, ask an expert, ask us. Color is the largest, single, most impacting factor and crucial in an overall design scheme.

14.  White meet black. Every space needs a contrast, a ying to the yang. Too much neutrality can bore.

15.  Texture is touchy. In a good, unexpected way.

16.  Change is good. Don't live in a museum. It's freeing to be flexible and have a fresh outlook. 

17.  Life imitates art. Or film. Some of the best inspiration comes from culture.

18.  One is good. Two is great. Symmetry is stupendous. But place small decorative objects in odd numbers, like one or three.

19.  Pink is prettier. Every masculine space can benefit from a well placed feminine piece.

20.  Design aesthetic is reflective of your intent. Recognizing personal preference is vital in achieving a client's dream come true. It's not about what we like in decorating for our clients.

21.  Minimalism is nothing without warmth and character.

22.  Don't be bound by rules. We would never learn anything without taking risks.

23.  Inspiration comes from what you love. Start with something you already cherish, like a fabulous painting or treasured old rug. Color palette should follow your choice.

24.  See the world. It's the best way to feed your creativity and learn.

25.  Live a Luxe Life, and with intent.


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