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The Power Piece Design Tip

Denise Jadd

You come home after work. You settle in to your easy chair and you look at your living room, and glance around. You basically like the space, but it's like a stale relationship. It's lacking something. You aren't sure what. It's got good bones. You invested in a quality sofa that's lasting the test of time, and your kids and dog. You still like your color palette. It's just a tad boring after a few years. You are In need of a wow factor. What to do?

Domaine Luxe to the rescue! Let us show you how to take ho hum to ab fab! It's time to get out that fairy dust. Show a little personality! That's right, you need your personal spark to shine through. We need to dig deep to find what moves you. What speaks to you. What makes you think of your dreams. What reminds you of places you've been, pleasurable moments you've had, an exciting or interesting time or trip. Determine that one special need, and fill it with a powerful choice of furniture. A piece that says wow!

Maybe it has an interesting shape. Maybe it has a beautifully sculpted leg. Maybe it is a totally different color to add that pop of unexpected to your neutral color scheme. Maybe it is an antique mirror in your mod pad, or a stark contemporary art piece in your classic, timeless decor. Maybe it is a stunning chair. Is it modern or is it classic? It's refined, yet sexy, glamorous but understated, and hand crafted of weathered, tan leather on a golden sculptural metal frame. Yes, this is it, it speaks to me, and we have found a winner.

Whatever it is, make a statement by adding a quality, substantial piece of furniture or art to your older room design, and Voila! Instant crib upgrade. Fairy dust and unicorns all around. ✨✨✨