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Work With Us

Live intentionally! Every home starts with having a plan. Here's our process. From the initial consultation to development, presentation to deliver and installation, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Work With Us


Live intentionally! Every home starts with having a plan. Here's our process.

  1. Consult: We begin with a programming consultation. Whether a redesign, new construction, or luxe interiors, this is where the magic starts. We get together, learn about each other, we collaborate and assess your situation, determine your needs, wants, and desires. We learn of how you do things, why, where and how. We will ask a lot of questions, go deep to find the meaning, and need two hours of your time at your home to get a feel for your style. We photograph your space and discuss your project budget and timeline. Have a happy life, participate, and tie it to a goal. Your goals (and budget considerations) lead to our plans. The cost for this is $375.
  2. LOA: We interpret your vision from our initial meeting, distill it, fit it to your needs, context and limitations. Next, within 2 business days, we will deliver a proposal of an estimate of how we intend to carry out the plans. We deliver a Letter of Agreement with Scope of Work.
  3. Design development: We meet with your architects, engineers, or vendors if needed and we roll our sleeves up. We gather more information from your space and floor plans. We focus on you and your required design details. Space plans, color palettes, furniture plans, mood boards are thought through. Finishes and substrates are chosen: flooring, tile, trim, hardware, wall coverings, cabinetry, countertops, stains, and paint. Window treatments, soft goods, rugs, lamps, furniture etc are sourced. We gather photos, tear sheets, samples when necessary.
  4. Presentation: We deliver a presentation. Now you will begin to see a lot of hard work come together, and have a feel for your vision.
  5. Project Implementation: Details, documents, administration, oh my! We measure twice, confirming, ordering, sewing, preparing, building, refinishing, restoring, and finishing of all custom orders made just for you. Management of the vendors involved.
  6. Delivery and installation: The big day! It's like a big surprise! Yay!!! No surprises here, though, as everything will be quality checked and rechecked.
  7. Project Completion: it's a wrap. Final walk though. Follow up, and finalization. Then on to the next beautiful room! 💝


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