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March Color of the Month: Green

Denise Jadd

Lucky 🍀 Green! 

March's color is all green. Green is a cool color, a secondary color on the color wheel. It's made up of blue with yellow, so it can take the attributes of these. 

Green is down to earth. It means Spring, renewal, growth, abundance, hope and ecology, or environmentally friendly. Nature's green ways, go green, green energy, Pantone's color of the year, or the Green Party. Alternatively, it means jealousy, green with envy, green-eyed monster, or simply inexperienced, green. 

Depending on the shade, it can represent the night or nature. 

Incorporating some of yellow's persona, in brighter greens, like jade or lime, it can be energetic and sunny. It also can be stable, balancing, and harmonizing. Green is the color of affluence, think of an emerald, which often gives a stable yet rich feeling. The darker shades can be quite traditional. Think of a malachite or teal green velvet sofa. Duller greens like olive can represent the natural world, and mix well with neutrals, pale woods, rattan.  Muted greens, like celadon, are definitely down to earth, and appear calm; and for a warmed green, think verdigris. Use these colors in your design to give a sense of calm, reserve, or professionalism. Whatever your shade preference, I hope it's a lucky color for you.