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April Color of the Month: Yellow

Denise Jadd

April's hue of choice is 🔆 Yellow 🔆. Yellow is a primary color on the color wheel. It is a warm color, even the mention of it seems so inviting and just warming.  

Yellow is the most luminous color in the spectrum. In its saturated form, it catches you, and takes you by surprise. It defines youth and spring. One can't help but think of emerging sunshine in this month, after the harsh winter, as April brings us the happy daffodils, tulips, and forsythia. With traditions beckoning, we dream of golden eggs, golden matzo and yellow peeps. We know intense sunshine streams in buttercups, sunflowers, bumble bees and lemons soon after. 

Yellow stimulates our perception, and sharpens our concentration, and can be directing. Think of the school bus, the airport signage, the taxi cabs, the driving signs. It can be happy and on the contrary, cautionary. Yellow has a high light reflectance value. Because of this, it is often used to signify caution or alert. In a negative light, it can mean bad conditions, cowardly, and illness. 

In decorating, saturation levels can create the excitement in a room. Pastels and brights can be optimistic, upbeat and modern. A hot combination is currently with the neutral gray or with a graphic punch of black and white. Too much yellow can be overwhelming and actually hurt the eyes. Use an intense tonal value of shocking yellow sparingly on the walls! Whether you use a little or a lot, yellow is a great accent color, and a bit can stretch your brightness quotient, and it is easier to swap out when you desire a change. After the '70's Harvest Gold appliances, I'm unsure if we will be seeing any yellow kitchen appliances anytime soon. Warning: use with caution. ⚠️