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Luxurious Touches


Luxurious Touches

Denise Jadd


When viewing a room, do you swoon over the details? It starts with inspiration, ideas, and a vision. We all have only so much time and money to spend on our dream interiors. When deciding on where to spend your design dollars, do you know what is worth the big spend? Look for items that speak to you, that give you a uniqueness, that round out your color palette or add that special finishing luxe touch that says, this is me. This is worth the splurge.

Here are some suggestions on where to begin.

Architectural Detail: Look around your space. Do you like its character? Is the space cozy or large enough? How is the proportion or trim? Some items are very costly to change, but certain details are easy to add to give a room more luxe substance. Larger baseboards can make an impact, as can a beamed or coffered and wallpapered ceiling. If you are looking for more wow factor, consider a feature wall in wood, stone, tile, or the new luxuriously rich patterned glass to complement your style.

Art: Art can be the single most important item in a room, and create your dream space. We believe starting with fine art can set the tone for a special feel of time and place. What feeling are you trying to convey? Dig down deep to what moves you. Nothing gives a room more personality, and no item is usually as personal as art. Start with art.

Fabrics: Nothing can take your furniture from blah to ab fab than beautiful fabrics. Textures can be a neutral girl’s best friend! Varying different natural materials can be such a luxurious touch. Think soft and rich mixes, like silk velvet, with linen, and add some metallic trim or embroidery. Patterns can mix boldly if you know what you are doing with the statement of complicated color and pattern mixing. Pillows, with stay soft all down filling inserts, can add a cuddly, come touch me luxe look to beds and sofas. Custom pillows will elevate your room to a whole new luxe feast. Designer fabric panels and window treatments can offer a height of sheer enjoyment, encasing your windows.

Lighting: Are you looking for the jewelry to complement your room? Lighting will illuminate your ideas. The right lighting will enhance your spaces, not just make them bright. The wrong lighting will glare at you. Choose quality fixtures that reflect your taste and style. Don’t be afraid to mix a trendy fixture with more traditional furnishings for a fast update. Add wall sconces in the dining room beside your main art. Try hanging fixtures by your bedside tables to free up space. Replace your builder grade lights in the hallway.  Greet your guests at the front door with a striking chandelier to make a grand first impression. Lighting technology has come a long way, with many chic options. Always use dimmers for control to give the right ambiance.

Plumbing Fixtures: The yearly NKBA Kitchen and Bath Show has us excited with new concepts to share with you! There’s a rich mix in metals now that is vying for attention along with crystal clear glass faucets. This can make a huge impact on your tired old kitchen or bathroom sink. So many gorgeous finishes for faucets and sinks, from stainless steel, hammered, shiny, or matte, rosy copper, gleaming bright or with natural patina, lots of soft and burnished golds, and black. A black kitchen faucet could be a game changer as black is coming on strong. The combinations and choices are endless. Your sink will thank you!

Professionals: Investing in the right professionals that you can relate to is not a splurge. A great relationship with a true designer who handles the details can be worth its weight in gold! Find the workers, fabricators, and installers who resonate with you, and that have a great work ethic. Investing in the right ones will save you time and money, and make your life a whole lot more beautiful. Need help to plan your next Interiors project? We can make it happen. Call us to schedule your consultation today.