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Pre-Market Evaluation



For Realtors & Home Owners

A Home Staging Pre-Market Evaluation will be performed at the target property and takes on average 1.5 to 2 hours, of our shared undivided attention, depending on the size and condition of the house.


Curb Appeal

Expect to start your consultation on the outside of your home walking up to the property, as this is the 1st impression your potential buyers will form.

The Arrival

As your Realtor is opening the front door, what does your potential buyer see, hear, and smell? Buyers use all their senses when buying a new home. It is important that the arrival is a positive experience.

Once in the house and before moving from room to room, we will sit down and discuss who your most likely buyer will be. We will discuss what your neighborhood offers, the location, size of the home, proximity to transportation, major highways, schools, and shopping, as well as the expected listing price. All will play a role in determining who your target buyer is, and help us determine how we need to assist you to Prepare for Profit.

Remember the moment your house hits the market it no longer is your home, but rather a product, as a commodity, competing in the marketplace. For this reason, don't take any of our recommendations as personal criticism but as important suggestions to improve the value and increase the marketability of your property. Think of this fact, your home is your #1 asset, your business investment, your future, your retirement. It’s all about making your home appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. This is an investment in your #1 investment.

The Walk Through

As we start walking from room to room, please have your notebook ready, and or record our recommendations on your phone. We will give you a detailed overview of every room, from paint color, repairs needed, furniture placement, to items or furnishings that should be removed.

The Conclusion

At the end of the evaluation we will sit down with you and go over the most important things found in the home and the best staging solutions for your budget.

The Proposal

Based on the Conclusion we will prepare a proposal for a completely vacant property, our Vacant Home Staging. In this scenario, you need us to bring everything in to create the lifestyle your prospective buyer will expect, and want to buy.

Or we prepare an Owner Occupied Staging, a more cost effective styling. Here more organizing and de-cluttering will have to be done prior to staging than in a vacant home, but on the flip side, less furniture might need to be brought in. The existing furniture will be rearranged to create better flow, and we will embellish the space with the right soft goods and accessories, ulocking the home’s potential.

Staging Preparation - Prepare to Profit

After discussing the different options of a Vacant or an Occupied Staging you can determine how much of the job you want to take on yourself and which recommendations you would like us to take over.

We can manage the entire project and act as your Project Manager Concierge, supervising all the necessary recommendations, repairs, renovations, and upgrades, and stay within your budget and timeline.

Or you can prepare the house for staging day. On said day, we take over, bringing in all the vital pieces to create a house your potential buyers will fall in love with, and most importantly, want to call home! 🏡